Cooking is fun, only if someone would do all the prepping for us. Chopper is to make chopping and blending a wee bit easier. Whether you want to chop your veggies like a pro or whisk your smoothie perfectly, chopper will help you accomplish it all. All this, at the touch of a button.Finely chopped veggies are now just a button away. Easily activate the chopper with the simple touch of a button.

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He-House 1.1ltr Food Chopper - HE-810
He-House 1.5ltr Food ChopperMultifunctional Chopper.Stainless Steel Parts.1.1 Ltr Capacity.220-240V ..
He-House 1.5ltr Food Chopper - HE-657
He-House 1.5ltr Food ChopperSuitable for Chopping, Mincing and blending Meat, Fruits and vegetablesL..
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