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About Starlyf Fast Cooler Pro

It is a indoor, portable, cordless, battery-operated, personal evaporator cooler. it provides cool moist breeze through water evaporation and is ideal for cooling small places like work-desk, bed, sofa, dinning table and more. Starlyf Fast Cooler have very low energy consumption and unlike traditional air conditioners does not have an adverse effect on your electricity bills.

How does Starlyf Fast Cooler Pro work?

To put it in a non-technical way, the work principle of Starlyf Fast Cooler Pro is similar to the refreshing breeze flowing near a waterfall. Starlyf Fast Cooler Pro (and all air coolers for that matter) use the natural water evaporation phenomenon to produce cool breeze. It sucks in hot air from the surrounding area which passes through wet honeycomb cooling filter, the air looses its “heat” when it passes through the filters and naturally “cools down”. They a fan pushes this cool air out of the cooler from the front.

Starlyf Fast Cooler Pro PROS

It is ideal for a single person living in a small apartment.
Works well in arid/dry areas.
Makes it bearable when you have the air blowing directly towards you.
Works well when used in small rooms with a window open, it works well in a cross-ventilated area.
Brand Starlyf
Type Air Cooler
Colour Grey

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