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On the go training - the Ab Core Trainer II pads sit discreetly under your clothing, making a workout possible virtually anywhere at any time. 

Does the hard work for you - the two 25 minute workout programmes progressively increase exercise intensity in stages as time elapses, and automatically stop when the workout is completed, all you have to do is attach the pads and away you go! 

  • Two 25 minute workout programmes
  • 15 intensity levels
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Fits all waist sizes

What's in the box? 
2 x 6-in-1 Conductive Gel Pads
1 x Ab Core Trainer II control unit
1 x USB charger
1 x instructions

Technical specifications: 
Voltage: 80V across 500 Ohm load
Ab Core Trainer II (l x w x d): 22.5cm x 20cm x 3cm (8.9" x 7.9" x 1.2")
Weight: 250g

General care: 
Conductive Gel Pads should be returned to the board after each use to prolong the tackiness
Ensure skin is free from oils before applying the gel pads
Do not place close to excessive heat

Pad after-care: 
You may extend the life of the pads by briefly wetting the orange adhesive side in cold running water and allowing them to air dry (do not apply heat)
Over saturation with water will reduce the adhesive properties of the pad
Alternatively apply to slightly damp skin and allow one minute for the adhesive to anchor to the skin before turning on
Do not continue using a pad once the adhesive no longer sticks or the pad has become damaged

Seek medical advice before using if: 
You have a history of heart disease or a cardiac condition
You have an orthopaedic implant
You suffer from epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, phlebitis in its active phase (inflammation of vein), inflamed tissue through disease or injury or varicose veins in its later stage
You have suffered acute trauma, fracture or are recovering from recent surgery
You have swollen or injured parts of the body
You have diabetes and it effects the sensory perception of your extremities

Do not place the Ab Core Trainer over: 
Broken skin, scars, moles or infected areas or parts of the body where normal sensation is limited
Metal objects such as belt buckles or jewellery

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