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The Hi-Density sub-woofer is a kind of speaker capable to provide high class bass output. It has a Heavy Base and provides a perfect stereo Noise Suppression with superior high-fidelity sound. Audionic PACE 3 has USB playing Port, SD / MMC Slot and a Wireless Remote Control. The frequency response is 20Hz ~ 20KH.The speaker system has 5.25 Inch Sub-woofer.The Bass Duct is engineered to enhance the lower frequency range and provide high Bass Output. Audionic PACE 3 has high output power Upto 2500 Watts (P.M.P.O.) and it plays MP3 files directly from the Flash drive. You can enjoy music by plugging it in the SD/MMC Card in Card Slot. With 5.1 Channel Surround Sound, Audionic PACE 3 makes your time more enjoyable and gives maximum Entertainment. It has magnetically Shielded Sub-woofer Driver. In order to enhance the quality of base Sub-woofer body is made by wood.

5.1 Channel Sound:

Audionic PACE 3 gives maximum Entertainment when watching Movies and Playing Video Games with 5.1 Channel Surround Sound.

It works with your woofer to bring a booming bass to the forefront of your system with the vents so it acts as a built in amplifier.

No need for a large amp taking up space. The vents in this enclosure naturally amplify the bass sound which lets you use a smaller amp for space saving efficiency.

The vents in this enclosure allow for increased air circulation, which cools your woofer, preventing overheating & ensuring long lasting performance.

The Wireless Remote Control:
The wireless remote control perfectly adjusts your Sound Output Levels.

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